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How To Wipe a Hard Drive With No Trace

As we become increasingly reliant upon the internet and the interconnected nature of our devices, apps, and information, the need to know how to wipe a hard drive has become increasingly important. Everything from your browsing history to your video and download history is available to anyone that accesses your computer. Either legitimately through an app or illegally through hacking, only when you wipe hard drive or storage devices do you truly remove the data. Continue reading

How To Permanently Delete Files

We have come to use our PCs and laptops for almost every aspect of our lives. From our daily routine to keeping track of important personal information, there is a ton of sensitive data stored on our hard drive. This leads many individuals to look for ways to permanently delete files. When searching for different methods for how to permanently delete files, users need to be able to discern the difference between deleting a file and rendering it unreadable. Continue reading

How To Erase a Hard Drive Completely

As we become increasingly dependent upon our electronic devices especially our PCs and laptops, the amount of sensitive personal information we store on these devices has increased in kind. This has led us to a genuine need to know how to erase a hard drive. Not just a superficial deletion of files, a genuine removal of the data so that it cannot be accessed by another individual. Because we dispose of technology relatively frequently, many users may be leaving their data in the hands of whoever picks up their device for its next use or prior to recycling.  It is important to not only understand the difference between deleting files and erasing them, but ultimately how to erase hard drive storage mechanisms when we dispose of electronic devices. Continue reading

How To Delete Internet History

As more and more applications and information get centralized to the cloud, the internet history on your laptop or PC has become increasingly laden with personal information. Because of this, every user should know be able to delete internet history files. Unfortunately, for many that think they know how to delete internet history information, they are leaving a ton of data on their hard drive. Continue reading

How To Delete Hard Drive Completely

With so much of our private information being stored in our computers and laptops and the interconnected nature of our devices and web-based applications, the ability to delete hard drive permanently has never been more important.  With everything from your browsing history to your personal information accessible by prying eyes via the internet, you really need to know how to delete hard drive. Continue reading

How To Delete Browsing History

With everything from internet browsing to web-based email, to applications now being run through your computer’s browser, the amount of personal information being captured during these transactions is staggering. In an attempt to safeguard their private information, many users rely on the browser itself to delete browsing history and information. What most users don’t know is that this doesn’t actually remove the data from their hard drive. If you want to know how to delete browsing history and information permanently, continue reading. Continue reading

How To Clear History

The amount of data our web browsers are collecting are growing exponentially as more and more processes and applications are moving from the desktop to the cloud. As a result, users need to understand how to clear history items properly. Many who think they know how to clear internet history using the tools and options within their browser are missing an important aspect of file deletion. Continue reading

How To Clear a Hard Drive Completely

Whether you’re donating your PC or laptop to charity, recycling it, or transitioning it to another member of your family; the first thing you should do is ensure it has a clear hard drive before transferring it. You may wonder how to clear a hard drive and this article will definitely address that issue but before moving on to “how”, we want to discuss the “why” of the issue. Continue reading

Hard Drive Eraser

The last time you got rid of your old laptop or PC, what did you do with the data on the hard drive? Hopefully you did more than just delete the files and folders before setting that plastic little box with all your dirty secrets out on the curb for anyone to pilfer through. Unfortunately deleting files does not remove them or render them unreadable. To do that, you need a hard drive eraser. When it comes to protecting your data, you should use the best hard drive eraser available. Continue reading