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Hard Drive Cleaner

Have you ever seen the offers to recycle your electronics devices including PCs and laptops? Have you ever stopped to think about what happens to all the personal data that is on the hard drives in those devices? Hopefully the owners used a hard drive cleaner prior to tossing the devices in the recycle bin. If not, their personal data is in jeopardy of being used by identity thieves. Because you store so much personal information on our PCs and laptops, it is imperative you use hard drive cleaner software to ensure that your PC or laptop doesn’t contain sensitive data when it changes hands.


I’m not planning on getting rid of my PC, do I still need a hard drive cleaner?

Absolutely! Even if you don’t plan to get rid of your PC or laptop, your data is still vulnerable to malicious software and viruses. Hard drive cleaners can be used regularly to keep private files off your hard drive and out of the reach of hackers. There are many hard drive cleaners on the market, but a good one will offer the following features:


  • Ease of use

Perhaps the single most important aspect of a hard drive cleaner that is going to be used for regular privacy control is its ease of use. Software that’s easy to use will be more likely to be used often, keeping more of your data safe.


  • Robust security

Hard drive cleaners work by writing new data over the files and portions of the hard drive that are marked to be “deleted”. The number of times the data is overwritten combined with the type of data it is written with determines how secure the end result will be. At a minimum, you should look for a software solution that overwrites the data 3 times. This generally meets the minimum requirements prescribed by the U.S. Department of Defense.


  • Supported by a real company

Along the same lines of whether or not you should pay for software, we recommend procuring your software from a reliable company that you can contact for support when the need arises. Another benefit of fully supported software is the fact that it will be updated to meet the changing requirements of its user base and any advances in technology. The same can’t always be said for freeware.


  • Supports different deletion criteria

Ease of use is often influenced by how the user can select the files, folders, drives, or locations they want to cleanse.  To be considered the best hard drive cleaner software, the suite should allow the user to select based on a number of criteria such as the file extension, the activity associated with the file, and of course the actual location of the file.


So what is the best hard drive cleaner?

Having tested more hard drive cleaner solutions that we’d care to count, we’ve come up with what we feel to be a great product for maintaining your privacy through regular file deletion. This hard drive cleaner software meets all the requirements listed above and is extremely easy to use. What’s more, it offers a “thorough shred” option that overwrites deleted data 7 times, all but ensuring it cannot be restored with commercially available restoration techniques. Perhaps the best part about this software is that you can download a free trial to see just how amazing it is. After the trial, we’re confident you’ll agree that it is probably the best hard drive cleaner software available.

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