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How To Clean Hard Drive Completely

We have often been asked how to clean hard drive to ensure private information will stay the same. There are multiple options to get to a clean hard drive but before we get into some of the characteristics of what it takes to clean a hard drive with peace of mind, it’s important to understand how hard drive cleaners work.


More than just deleting files

Many people think that when a file is deleted from the recycle bin or trash can, it is permanently deleted. While the file may technically be deleted, the data within the file is still on the hard drive, right where it was before. This is because when you select a file to be deleted, all you are really doing is giving the operating system permission to write over the space where the data is located at a later time. There is no guarantee the data will ever be overwritten. Because of this, cleaning a hard drive requires data to be forcibly written over the area where the deleted file resided on the hard drive. Below you will find a list of the typical types of files you may want to consider deleting on a regular basis when cleaning hard drive:


  • Mail and organizer files

If you stop and think about the amount of data that gets exchanged through email, it’s no surprise that it is one of the most important areas of concern when people ask how to wipe a hard drive clean. Ideally any software solution should allow a user to target old mail, contact and calendar items for permanent deletion.


  • Browser history and cached files

Depending upon the nature of your browsing and potential other users of your PC or laptop, you may ask how to clean a hard drive of all your browsing data. Make sure that any suite you’re looking at offers a single click method for permanently and securely expunging this data.


  • P2P file sharing

While legal use of P2P file sharing networks is fine, some intranets frown on the use of such protocols and can often cite them for terms of revocation of privileges. Don’t let the use of P2P networks jeopardize your standing.


With the right software it’s easy

Good software is essential to answering the “how to clean hard drive” question. While it is technically possible to manually overwrite unwanted data, it’s laborious, prone to error, and because it’s such a tedious task, will never be done as often as it should.


A clean hard drive is a few clicks away

When asked by others how to clean hard drive, we invariably point them to our favorite hard drive cleaner software suite. This product excels in ease of use and extreme security. Users of this software can select to overwrite deleted data 7 times rendering it unrecoverable to commercially available means. This software package is literally “point and click” simple. You merely select the type of activity you want to delete associated files for, and the level of security needed. Once selected, the software goes to work overwriting the target files. Fully supported and available with a free trial download, we feel this is the best option going in terms of ensuring your privacy through proper file deletion.

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