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How To Clear a Hard Drive Completely

Whether you’re donating your PC or laptop to charity, recycling it, or transitioning it to another member of your family; the first thing you should do is ensure it has a clear hard drive before transferring it. You may wonder how to clear a hard drive and this article will definitely address that issue but before moving on to “how”, we want to discuss the “why” of the issue.


Do I need to know how to clear a hard drive if I’m keeping my PC?

Most definitely! There is a great deal of “forgotten” information sitting on your hard drive that is ripe for the taking by those in the know how to do so. This problem exists because even when you “delete” a file, it doesn’t actually get removed from the hard drive. The only way to permanently remove data from a hard drive is to overwrite the old data from the file with new data. Thankfully when you “delete” a file, you take the first step in this process. While it’s possible to manually overwrite data, it’s just not practical to do so. For this reason we turn to software solutions for clearing a hard drive.  With so many products on the market, we compiled the following characteristics that are “must haves” :


  • Thorough overwriting

All hard drive clearing software work on the principle of writing new data over the data targeted for deletion. The U.S. Department of Defense specifies at least 3 passes of overwritten data to qualify as permanent erasure. As such, this should be the bare minimum your software is capable of.  Ideally, a higher level of erasure would be nice to see.


  • Supported by a real company

When you ask how to clear hard drive data, you’re talking about ensuring your privacy and the most precious data available. As such, you should trust this responsibility to a software from a reputable company. This way you have support and recourse should problems arise. If you’re taking the time to learn how to clear a hard drive, it stands to reason you want the best possible solution.


  • Allows you to delete by activity as well as file type

Not everyone is a super-user and knows exactly which file extensions should be targeted for deletion. For this reason, a good software solution will allow the average user to determine the files that are targeted for deletion by their activity. As a user, you speak in terms of what you do with your computer not file extensions. It only makes sense that your software should work the same way.


Introducing the best software to ensure a clear hard drive

With plenty of experience using various hard drive cleaner software suites, we feel confident that when we make a recommendation it will do what we say. Based upon the criteria we’ve listed above, we’re extremely confident recommending this software suite as the best answer for how to clear a hard drive. With it’s easy to use yet powerful interface, up to 7 pass overwrite capacity, and outstanding customer support; this is the product you need when you want to keep your personal information private. Download the free trial and give it a try today.

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