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How To Clear History

The amount of data our web browsers are collecting are growing exponentially as more and more processes and applications are moving from the desktop to the cloud. As a result, users need to understand how to clear history items properly. Many who think they know how to clear internet history using the tools and options within their browser are missing an important aspect of file deletion.


Files and data are never truly deleted

When you press the “delete” key, checkbox, or button, what you are essentially doing is telling the operating system it is okay to release the area of the hard drive that housed the file to be overwritten. Unfortunately, this in no way ensures you’ll truly clear browsing history items from your hard drive. In fact, because hard drives have become so large, the probability that your operating system will overwrite the area where your history was located is decreasing. To properly clear internet history files and data, you will need to enlist the help of dedicated software. Specifically, you need to use software that overwrites the data of the files you wish to delete. Only by overwriting the data can you ensure it is deleted. To find a quality software solution to clear search history items, look for software with the following qualities:


  • Simple and easy to implement

Studies have shown the software that is simple to install, maintain and operate is far more likely to be used. This is important when we explore how to clear history items as it is a practice that should be undertaken regularly. Make sure the solution you chose is easy to use so that you’ll use it often.


  • Meets minimum accepted specifications for permanent deletion

As defined by the U.S. Department of Defense, permanent deletion occurs when data has been overwritten with a minimum of 3 passes of data. Ideally you should seek software that can provide security in excess of this measure.


  • Specifically targets internet browser history data

Unless you understand where your browser and operating system place all the history and cache files and know their file extensions, you’ll be relying on the software to find the files for you. Make sure the software you use can quickly and accurately select the items that constitute your browsing history so the items can be permanently deleted.


  • Backed by a real company living, breathing employees

It may sound simple but make sure you are getting your software from a reliable company that will be around not only to support you in your continued use of the product but to expand and improve the product as well. While most people don’t think of software as an investment, it never hurts to try to obtain a long-term solution.


What is the best history clearing solution?

Over the past year or so, we’ve had the luxury of trying quite a few options and one of the best solutions for how clear history items is a surprisingly simple software solution.  Offering up to 7 times overwrite capability, single-click internet history deletion and an intuitive interface, we feel this software best answers the ”how to clear internet history?” question. To top it off, the company offers a free trial so you can try the software and see how easy it is to use. Download the trial today and get started deleting your internet history properly.

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