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How To Delete Browsing History

With everything from internet browsing to web-based email, to applications now being run through your computer’s browser, the amount of personal information being captured during these transactions is staggering. In an attempt to safeguard their private information, many users rely on the browser itself to delete browsing history and information. What most users don’t know is that this doesn’t actually remove the data from their hard drive. If you want to know how to delete browsing history and information permanently, continue reading.


There is only one sure way to delete web history

When you delete your browsing history, cached files, or other information using the utilities within the browser, it merely flags the corresponding data on the hard drive to be available to be rewritten. If you want to learn how to delete browser history permanently, you need a software suite that offers the following characteristics:


  • U.S. Department of Defense specified permanent deletion

The department of defense indicates that data must be overwritten three times before it can be considered permanently deleted.


  • Easy to use

Look for a software solution that is easy to use. The main reason for this criteria when asking how to permanently delete browsing history is because if the software is easy to use, it is more likely to be used. The more frequently you properly delete your browsing history, the less likely that information will fall into the wrong hands.


  • Targets browser history and associated files with a single click

While many hard drive deletion utilities are fairly adept at deleting files once located, the trick lies in identifying all the files and their locations so the software can do its job. For this reason, you want a software that knows where these files reside so they can all be selected and deleted with a single click.


  • Supported by a real company

A quick search on the web will find you plenty of utilities that may or may not get the results you require when it comes to ensuring you know how to delete browsing history. Rather than chance your privacy to some lone developer, select a product that is back by a real company, staffed with developers ready to ensure the latest releases that meets the needs of the user base.


Choose your poison

As stated previously there are basically two methods for deleting your browser history. You can delete the files through the application which doesn’t actually remove them from the hard drive or you can use a software solution that ensures the files are properly deleted from your hard drive.


So which software is best to delete browsing history?

When it comes down for our recommendation for how to delete browsing history, we’ve found a comprehensive software solution with a simple yet powerful interface that allows the user to quickly select the files to delete based on the activity selected. With one mouse click, a user can target all browser history related files for deletion. The user then selects the appropriate level of deletion and executes the task. With such an easy interface and up to 7 times overwrite capacity, there isn’t a better value in browser deleting software available. Download the free trial today to see for yourself.

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