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How To Delete Hard Drive Completely

With so much of our private information being stored in our computers and laptops and the interconnected nature of our devices and web-based applications, the ability to delete hard drive permanently has never been more important.  With everything from your browsing history to your personal information accessible by prying eyes via the internet, you really need to know how to delete hard drive.


I already emptied my recycle bin

There is a vast difference between deleting a hard drive and emptying the recycle bin. When you empty the recycle bin, you are merely giving the operating system permission to write over the space the file took on the disk. There is no guarantee the data will be overwritten and given the increasing size of drives, it is become increasingly improbable it would happen. This means that all the private data you thought was inaccessible is still ripe for the picking.


How to completely delete your hard drive

The only way to ensure that the contents of a hard drive are deleted is to overwrite them with new data. Ideally this should be done more than once with data that is harder to “see through”. Most experts agree that overwriting data three times is sufficient to meet the U.S. Department of Defense requirements for secure data removal.


Top reasons to delete the unused contents of your hard drive

  • Keep instant messaging conversations private. Even automatically purged files are not forcibly overwritten.
  • Ensure that quarantined viruses are properly deleted
  • Protect banking and credit card information
  • Permanently erase your online history and cached files
  • Ensure that “deleted” emails and other sensitive contact information cannot be resurrected
  • Permanently delete file sharing information such as that from P2P sharing sites
  • To make sure you are in compliance with employer confidentiality practices


Don’t procrastinate

If you’re reading this, you’ve already acknowledged you need to know how to delete hard drive. Now you need to take action and ensure that you secure the data that is lying dormant on your hard disk so that it does not fall into the wrong hands. Either through the theft of your PC or notebook or through electronic theft/phishing, your personal data is always at risk. Never leave more data on your hard drive than absolutely necessary.


The best delete hard drive software

Now that you understand the difference between “deleting” files using the recycle bin and actually overwriting the files with new data, you probably want to know the best way for how to delete hard drive data. In our experience, using a professionally developed software application that is easy to use, thorough in its overwriting procedure, and dependable is the best way to ensure that your hard drive is deleted properly. Our preferred software solution puts great control at the user’s finger tips with only a few clicks of the mouse. Packed with the ability to overwrite data up to 7 times and an interface that lets users quickly identify the types of files they need to delete, this solution is the best method for ensuring your privacy we’ve seen lately. If you’re ready to take the next step in securing your information, download the free trial now and see how easy it truly is.

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