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How To Delete Internet History

As more and more applications and information get centralized to the cloud, the internet history on your laptop or PC has become increasingly laden with personal information. Because of this, every user should know be able to delete internet history files. Unfortunately, for many that think they know how to delete internet history information, they are leaving a ton of data on their hard drive.


But I regularly delete my history through my browser

When you delete files through your browser’s interface, they no longer are viewable through the application because the tag in front of the data on the hard drive that signifies the file is changed. Unfortunately, that does little for actually deleting internet history from the hard drive.


How to permanently delete internet history

To permanently erase internet history from your hard drive, the information must be overwritten with new data so the underlying data can no longer be read. This is the only effective means of deleting the data. Furthermore, the U.S. Department of Defense specifies that at least 3 passes of data should be overwritten for the data to be considered permanently deleted.


Software is the solution

While it is possible to manually overwrite the files that comprise your internet and browsing history, it would be a monumental task and not something you would want to do anywhere near as frequently as it should be done.  The best solution on how to delete internet history is to use professionally developed software. Below are some qualities you should seek in a software solution for use in deleting your internet history.

  • Provide at least 3 times overwrite capacity to meet U.S. Department of Defense specifications
  • Be user friendly
  • Be easy to use
  • Allow the user to select the files to be deleted based upon the activity they are associated with
  • Also delete other files besides internet history related files
  • Be supported by a legitimate company with technical support and product upgrades.
  • Ensure that files can be permanently deleted


Don’t delay

Now that you understand why deleting your internet history through your browser is not a comprehensive or particularly effective solution; take the next step to ensure you have safeguarded your browsing history and cached files from others. Considering that most PCs and laptops are probed malware bots numerous times per day, it’s more a matter of “when” than “if” when it comes to private internet history and cache information falling into the wrong hands.


The best way to delete internet history

Whenever we’re queried about how to delete internet history information and files, we uniformly recommend that you employ a professionally developed software suite that specifically offers robust internet browsing history deletion properties. We’ve found a great program that is simple to install, easy to use, and offers extremely robust deletion. With up to 7 times overwrite capacity, this software can render your internet browsing history unrecoverable by commercially available means. Backed by a reputable company with real software engineers and customer support staff, download the free trial today to get started on the path to properly deleting your internet browsing history.

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